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"I can’t fully express how deeply, soul-soothing and satisfying it is to live a religion rooted in Blackness is for me. It’s like the first time I visited Atlanta, and felt such a strange feeling. There was something odd….took me a minute before I realized. I’m not the odd one out here, I’m the default. Being a black man in this country is at times like being a refugee, but in the land your were born to. Having them Congo spirits walk up, them mothers and fathers and cousins, along with all them Creole spirits, leaves me standing strong in a spiritual hometown. smiling. This is what that’s like…."

- Tata Sima Ngango (via palomayombe)

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if u wanna know what its like to be black in america just know that a black man is the president n even he has an open case on him

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"like I see white people as like this demon cult like they kill every other race and terrorize mankind basically and then make u watch them on tv living it up"

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when I say I’m broke that can range from having no money in my pocket or actually having money and I’m not tryna spend that shit ‘cause then I’d be forreal broke. 

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Resident Barber Nimo gave his nephew a fresh cut this week.  I always find it interesting to watch.

Cape Coast, Ghana

Line ups in Ghana.

Bitches reblog my pics too gotdamnit!!! I see u rebloggubg Naomi Campbell pics from me and u fucking ignore my pics! Support a motherfucker!!!!


There’s something beautiful about a black man wearing a smile! <3

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Me: So you’re telling attendance isn’t needed to pass this class

Professor: Well I guess you could just email me every assignment and final and pass

Me: You dun fucked up bruh

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Nicki Minaj most viewed videos

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